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Southeast Women's Herbal Conference--I'm teaching again this year!   http://www.sewisewomen.com

Mother Grove Temple Sunday Devotionals;  10:30am

Spirited Asheville: a Ghostly Ramble with Asheville's Village Witch  return in the fall, $13 per person; a private ghost tour of this lovely mountain town; send an email for info or check Facebook listing

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after months of writing, editing and hoping, a friendly and useful book from Asheville’s Byron Ballard and Silver Rings Press has arrived

Silver Rings Press, an imprint of indie publisher rENEGADE pLANETS pUBLISHING, Candler, NC, is pleased to announce the publication of “Staubs and Ditchwater: a Friendly and Useful Introduction to Hillfolks’ Hoodoo” by H. Byron Ballard.  Ballard, a popular blogger and essayist, is a western North Carolina native whose work has appeared regionally and nationally.

The book—part memoir and part instructional primer—is an entertaining introduction to southern Appalachian folk magic.


Ballard leads local and regional workshops on these traditional practices and techniques.  After much thought and conversations with a wide range of people, she decided to share some of this information from, in her words, the fading traditional cultures of the southern Highlands. She found that there is a hunger in both the dominant culture and in her spiritual community for authentic information on this subject. She did some research, talked to some home-folks and created a series of workshops based on what she’s learned and practiced over the years.  This little book—drawn from the workshop series-- gives the student a good over-view of techniques, history and a glimpse into the culture from which they all flow.

Available now, this book may be ordered through the author at info@myvillagewitch.com or through PayPal.




sleep sachet


New products  include:

 Rue Oil

Vervain Oil

Sleep Talismans

Travellers' Talismans

Dried Mugwort

Dried Witchhazel Leaves

Dried Catnip


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