Here you will find all manner of oddments about my writings, services and working life. You’ll be able to link to one of my blogs or contact me about performing your wedding or send me a quick email to see if I’d like to join you for a nice cuppa tea. From a baby blessing to helping your group form a ceremonial circle, you’ll find resources here to make your spiritual work a little easier, maybe more authentic, certainly more meaningful, if that is what you are seeking. The mission of this Village Witch website is to present and promote my work and to offer to the sincere spiritual seeker an array of services to focus and enhance your journey. This is a place to explore alternative modes of spirituality, including Appalachian hoodoo.  My goal in this and in all my work is to provide an authentic and filling experience. I am a rootworker and energy consultant; a freelance writer and an urban farmer; a weaver of words and webs, and I may have found a hat rack here on which to hang all my bonnets. From successful public rituals to a simple handfasting, from “ghostbusting” your new/old house to blessing your child’s first car, you’ll find a variety of options for services contained in these pages. If there’s something you don’t find here, please send us an email and we’ll let you know cost and availability. And it’s not just me, of course.  We are assembling quite a team over at Code Black. Because there’s plenty of hoodoo to do.