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A Hawk on the Lady’s Arm


winter solstice in the park



Lately, in teaching and workshopping, I’ve taken to beginning each one with a solemn plea to those people in the group who consider themselves magic-workers of some sort. I explain a bit about these Tower Times and I implore them to practice their craft until they are not merely competent but become adept.  I tell them that the Earth needs them, that their species needs them, that their communities need them. Please, o please! practice magic and energy manipulation until you are really, really good at it.

Does it work? Do some of them do it? Yes, they do. Or at least they report to me that they are working hard and practicing. I am taking them at their word.

I also ask participants about the Veil between the worlds. Do they feel it? Does it seem very thin and kind of tattered? Many people concur. Gathering information really. And then I ask about their grounding techniques.  Some people do that so easily that they don’t have much technique to talk about. Others have elaborate rituals and visualizations that get them to that deeply connected place.  And some of them shake their heads and talk about how they used to be really good at it but lately it has failed them.

Failed them.

They’ve tried different techniques but nothing feels as strong as it used to. It’s as if–as many have articulated–the energetic core of the planet is no longer…solid. Yeah. Imagine hearing that again and again all over this country and in places in Britain and Europe.

I’ve been playing with another style of grounding that seems to be working for some folks and does work for me most of the time.  Here it goes–

Imagine yourself a muscular young hawk, sitting on the gloved hand of the Earth as Gaia. You dig your talons into the familiar glove, know the familiar smells and sights and sounds of being a trained raptor on the arm of a Goddess. Shake your bells. Flex your wings. Solid, solid connection.

And then the leather-clad arm shifts, lowers and then raises. You gather your wings to you and bend you knees, flexing your talons and releasing your grip. As the arm raises into the wildness of the sky, you lift off, with a thrust of your powerful wings and a lifting and then—you’re away. You can return when you choose but are not as bound as you once were.

If you are having trouble with grounding, try this protocol and see if it helps.