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A New Pair of Boots and the Bride’s Bed

bits and bobs and Imbolc very, very soon

I got a new pair of work boots today and they came in a big cardboard box.


With Imbolc only a few weeks away, my thoughts are turning to prep for that sweet holy day, and one of the fun things to do is create a bed for Brigid, a place for Her to rest Her head as She travels the land, with Her companion cow. It’s a lovely thing to do with children but is also a fun way to prepare ourselves for this shifting season.

We’ll look at several ways to prepare over the next few weeks and you are invited to do the things that make your heart sing.

Irish folklore includes stories of Brigid travelling the land, bringing blessings (and we assume, fertility) to all She meets. Sometimes one may see tiny footprints in the ashes from the hearth fire. Sometimes small gifts are left for the littles. And in the spirit of another kind visitor from December, sometimes it is very wise to leave Herself a shot of good whisky and a bowl of oats for the wee cow.

My daughter and I used to leave out the bed every year. The bed was made from a shoebox and had a soft mattress, a little pillow and a pretty coverlet. There was a little cup and saucer from Bonwit-Teller that held tea or whisky.  And there was a saucer full of oatmeal–and sometimes an oatmeal cookie– for the happy cow.  We talked about the blessings She brought to our house and we marveled at the love She bestowed on us throughout the year. It is a small enough thing to leave out a soft space for Her to rest Her head and a sup and a bite.

Try it with your littles–or for yourself–this Imbolc season.  Be as fancy as you like–a lace hankie as coverlet? A hand-knitted tiny pillow?  Do what best pleases you and I guarantee it will please Herself as well.

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