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An Energy Trap

I’m posting this because I mentioned it on Facebook and several people wanted to know how to do one. I developed this years ago when I was called out to a house near Enka Lake that needed a clearing done on it. So I McGuyver’d this thing that worked so well for the occupants that I set them up in all sorts of places after that. It appears in my first book “Staubs and Ditchwater.”

a Receipt for clearing the energy in your Home or Place of Business

an energetic filter

I developed the Energy Trap many years ago and it has proved to be very effective. It acts as a kind of HEPA filter for stagnant energy in your home, energy that can be misconstrued as spirit activity. Here are directions for constructing and using one.

You’ll need a flat, round reflective surface (the bottom of a throw-away pie pan is the best but you can use a round mirror, too), three flat black rocks, a tealight candle (my preference is a battery-operated one because they are safe around children and animals) and two grades of salt (inexpensive table salt and kosher salt, for instance).

Place the reflective surface on a flat surface–put it on a high shelf out of sight, if that’s needed or put it in a prominent place to add the energy of your thoughts every time you see it. Put the three flat stones in the center of the mirror. Pour the kosher salt in a circle around the stones. Pour the table salt on the outer edge of the mirror. Now, place the tealight on top of the stones in the center and light it or turn it on.

The theory behind this trap is that stagnant and unhealthy energy is drawn to the light, filtered first through the stones, then filtered through the rough salt, filtered a final time through the fine salt. It is then reflected back out into the area as clean, useable energy. You can keep one of these going all the time, but it isn’t necessary. You’ll feel the difference in a few days.

If you are moving into a new place or if your office environment is harsh, run the trap for at least a Moon cycle. If you run it longer than that, change the salt every Moon cycle.

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