Area 13

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Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains

Asheville, NC

Rue Oil

Rue Oil

for sachets and dollies

Area 13 is the place to find supplies. We are assembling artists who create prayer beads, jewelry, books, ceremonial garments et cetera, to help you find the appropriate items for your particular work. We are also joining a colleague in a small botanica in downtown Asheville and will be posting specials and new arrivals here.

The Team at Code Black is also creating a sweet line of practical items for your personal witchery and rootwork, including–

candles, oils, sachets, tinctures, waters


energy traps

traveling altars

What’s cooking on the workbench–

We’re creating a special Appalachian “water” called Mountain Do. It can be used as you would use the beloved Florida Water–for cleansings, energy work and protection.

We have found that candles infused with rue oil are quite extraordinary in their efficacy. In other words–we like them very much. We are developing our own Appalachian Rue candle for your inspection and trial. The oil is infusing now– organic rue from the garden stuffed into a Mason jar and covered with lovely olive oil. Should take it a moon cycle to be ready. We’re thinking of starting with a votive and working our way up to 7-day. With maybe a few tealights thrown in for good measure.