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Personal Mythos: Instinctive Wayfaring

I present workshops in all sorts of interesting places and the series explores our personal and collective mythos and includes trance and energy work, mask-making and its use in ritual and ceremony. The Personal Mythos: Instinctive Wayfaring series runs annually. Send an email for more information about times and prices.My favorite workshops to present are the Hillfolks’ Hoodoo series.  It includes the beginning Hillfolks’ Hoodoo, an Intensive for those techniques, Reading Signs and Omens, Divination (we even used a Ouija/spirit board) and Cartomancy.

There are few things more delightful and satisfying than a good workshop. We can create one tailored to the needs of your group or can let you know when the next workshop will be offered.  Below are some available workshops. Please contact us for a more in-depth description, as well as price and availability. Working in the glory of the southern highlands of Appalachia means we are but a stone’s throw from Charlotte, Atlanta, Richmond, DC.

These workshops are currently available:

• Grow Your Own Botanica
• Willful Bane: the Joy of Hex
• Magical Wordsmithing
• Rite in the Heart: Creating Personal Rituals and Ceremonies
• Rite in the Heart II: Trance and Spirits
• Finding Sacred Space in a Land Not Our Own
• Little Altars Everywhere
• Personal Myth–Telling Your Own Story
• Divine Faces: a Seminar on Mask-Making
• Radical Self-Care
• The Long Black Veil–ReVisioning Our Approaches to End-of-Life Care and Death
• Creating Sacred Tools and Artifacts and the workshops in the Hillfolks’ Hoodoo series as listed above.

These workshops have been featured at Sacred Space Conference, at Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference, Pagan Unity Festival, the West Kentucky Hoodoo Rootworker Heritage Festival, the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and others.