I have been facilitating public rituals for two decades and worked with interfaith colleagues to create an amazing spiritual ceremony after September 11th. When this community needs to express grief or rage or fear–or joy or triumph or bliss–we have called together community resources to honor that expression. We commemorated the strength and resilience of the people of Haiti,led a ceremony of mourning for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and honor the Outcast Dead in the autumn.

I am one of the founders of the Coalition of Earth Religions for Education and Support/CERES and serve the Mother Grove Goddess Temple as priestess and teacher

Personal rituals and ceremonies include Rites of Passage–Saining, First Blood, Handfasting/Wedding, Queening, Croning, Final Rites/Funerals:

Saining–a baby blessing that is Earth-focused
First Blood–a celebration of a girl’s coming-of-age
Handfasting/Wedding–as ordained Wiccan clergy, I can do a legal wedding, a commitment or re-commitment ceremony or a handfasting, depending on your needs
Queening–as women send their children off to their lives as adults, they often choose to honor that transition with a ceremony of attained empowerment
Croning–achieving the status of Elder is a wonderful accomplishment: why not create a ceremony and celebration to honor it?
Final Rites/Funerals–from planning to creation of your event, let us help you honor life’s final passage in a way that is respectful and personal.

Consultations include:
House Blessing
Magical work and hoodoo
Energy Clearing
Circle Creation and Facilitation: Creating Working or Celebratory Circles, single gender, mixed gender, all ages

Red Tent and Ivory Pavillions facilitator. Are you and your group/circle working on processes for self-care? Let that include a Red Tent afternoon/evening for women of childbearing years or an Ivory Pavillion for Crones or Proto-Crones. Come together with your sisters to be pampered and refreshed in sacred ways.