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Through a Glass, Darkly

jan feb 2014 172


Today was a tarot day in my world. I’ve been reading cards for a long time and I have a regular gig on Tuesday afternoons at our local witch shop, Asheville Raven and Crone. Today I did a double shift and was busy for the whole time.

People want answers. The world seems a confusing and chaotic place, and enlightenment of situations and mood is something devoutly to be wished but seemingly hard to come by. Jobs, housing, lovers, contentment, meaningful work. These seem so elusive to so many right now and sometimes a careful card reading can lift a corner of the veil, let a little light into the shadowy room of the future.

This afternoon I read for long-time clients as well as Facebook friends and a couple of new people. I used the same spread for each reading, a layout I developed called the Serpent. There are six cards on the bottom row, five in the middle and four on top, and I read left to right on the bottom row, right to left on the middle one and left to right again on the top row.

The first three cards on the bottom row are where the client stands right now. We delve into those cards so that I have an understanding of the foundation of the client’s issues and some sense of where their life lies. It helps give the client some trust in my abilities as we move through the reading.

The cards aren’t infallible nor is the reader but I generally muddle through and can shed some soft candlelight on the way of the world in these trying times. I also try to have some paper with me because the reading sometimes leads to the development of small magical workings designed to move the process along.

Two people got the Tower today and three people got Death. I take all that to be a good sign, a sign of forward momentum. No longer stuck, no longer balanced on the edge of a spiritual knife. I sat with an artist today who will be engaging her art in service to her deep spirituality. I sat with a woman who has so many comforts but longs to have real work, transformative work, to engage her mind, her soul and her heart.

The trick to living is to know enough about yourself to be effective but not so much as to spend your days gazing at your navel, waiting for inspiration, waiting for intervention, waiting, waiting, waiting.

The time for waiting is past for most of us. As we slide down the long muddy path to Samhain, I plan to re-post all the Tower Time documents, both for new readers and for those who need a refresher course in the times that are our times. Another Tower Time document is in the works, too. I hope to have the essay finished before Samhain.

As we enter into the darkest part of the year here in the Northern hemisphere, we are invited to lift the corner of the veil, to reveal what is occluded, indistinct and in shadow. And to take that knowledge with us into the big world and share it. We are lighting signal fires for each other, for our Ancestors and for our Descendants. Let’s do that work together when we can. Many hands—even as we peer into the dark glass–can make lighter work.