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What I Do When I’m Not Here

This past weekend was full and rather glorious. I am feeling quite full of myself and am in danger of getting The Big Head. (You Southerners will understand that.)

It started with an interview on the podcast The Desperate House Witches on Friday evening. We talked about everything. Including what attracts more flies and it is neither honey nor vinegar.  You can link to that on the gazing ball below.

I spent all day Saturday at a New Age psychic and healing expo in Hendersonville.  I saw lots of friends, gave a talk on Appalachian healing and even sold a few books.  I came back to Asheville to meet a friend who is using an interview with me as part of her Master’s project.  Becky Beyer and I had a good time and decided we need some fancy recording equipment our ownselves. So, if you have some of that to donate to a worthy cause–documenting traditional Appalachian folkways–send me an email!

Sunday saw me leading morning ritual at Mother Grove Goddess Temple, meeting with a tarot client and then working in the WECAN community garden with a bunch of great volunteers from the Community Garden Network.

And here’s what happened today to be the icing on the cake.  I went over to the mall to the big bookstore there. There’s an article in this month’s National Geographic Traveler magazine about Asheville and I am one of the people they interviewed…so I am in that magazine. Wowser.  I got one and then turned to leave the counter and saw a sweet display of my book. 

I am feeling right proper tonight. Hope you are, too.


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