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The Vagaries of Time

A few days ago, I heard a news report about the Japanese prime minister visiting Pearl Harbor. The news reader thought it was particularly significant that this visit came in the same month as the commemoration of the attack. My brain processed that information in an interesting way. Wait, it thought…Pearl Harbor Day in December 7th. Hmm….that’s– Holy mothers! it is still December.

Still December after all these weeks.

I have been on the road a fair amount in the last two months. FaerieCon in Maryland, appearance and class in Ohio, Thanksgiving in Atlanta, a week in New York, a day-trip to Gatlinburg, a weekend in Tampa and a day trip to Charlotte to help my daughter move to a new apartment.  Have I missed anything? Possibly, but I don’t remember.

This is all by way of explaining where I’ve been. I’ve missed birthdays and other anniversaries. I have left meetings half-scheduled and have no idea how many of those I’ve dropped. There are emails waiting in the Inbox of my business account, wondering when I’ll respond.

But the good news is I’m editing my new book and working on a publisher proposal for the next one. I’ve reconnected with an old theatre buddy about doing a performance piece. My weight is down and my energy is up. I am booked into a bunch of conferences and festivals, and am developing a sex magic workshop that will premiere locally and then go on the road.

For now, though, I’m going to rest during Mercury retrograde and try to return to some gentle blogging, gentle reader.

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